Post 11: The Youth Affected

Part II

  1. As we have seen in our readings for this week, Muslims in Europe have most certainly found it harder to assimilate in those countries than they have in the United States, and this is mainly because each Country’s culture treats Muslims differently. The youth in particular are critically affected in Europe in their day to day struggles. This is first outlines by terrorism, and its socio-emotional effects on Europeans. Muslims who are fleeing their home countries for a safe-haven, but do not have the resources necessary to leave for the United States, must flock to other European countries. As a result, the greater influx of refugees finds itself in European countries, and this is felt by the native residents of these refuge-countries. Muslim youth are critically affected by this in that as more Muslims flood into these European countries, the more of a negative outlook native Europeans have on Muslims in general. As such, the Muslim youth is therefore seen as an even lesser being, for they are young, inexperienced, and perhaps thought to be uneducated. Another problem that Muslim youth may face is in the assumptions of others on terrorist identities. Europeans may assume that younger Muslims may be the “best candidates” to be radical Islamists; bodies which are the ablest to carry out terrorist agendas. These above assumptions host a whole other amount of problems for Muslim youth. As a result of often-wrong discrimination, the youth may not be able to acquire jobs near their new homes, or they may be paid less or maltreated in the workplace. There can also be problems in the education sector, wherein Muslim youth in Europe may find it less easy to excel due to educators who hold negative assumptions of them.

    Discrimination on the Muslim youth in these forms affect them by in turn perhaps impressing a mindset that they are hated, and are helpless to this unjust treatment. They may develop an identity of helplessness, of depression, and of a lack of confidence. Since the youth of the Muslim community are what will eventually progress them in society, these negative effects will significantly hamper this progression to the point where hatred and negativity are all that will exist between Muslims and the Europeans. As a result, no growth will be made, and the problem of discrimination will remain.

  2. I think that the Malaysian Muslims have experienced contradiction in the West in all of the sectors where the “normal” contradictions lie. Popular culture, religion, morality, and leisure are all places where contradictions occur. Even if the Malaysian Muslims are more privy to freedom of religious expression, there is still a problem in the values that these people hold versus those in the United States. I do not see a monumental or groundbreaking contrast between the Malaysian Muslims and Western culture. These are the same problems which have been outlined between Muslims and the Western world regularly.

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